Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photo Collage

These are the two collages I did for a friend. She provided a bunch of photos of her kids for me. The rest is Photoshop. It was printed on 20 by 28 foamboard. A year later she asked for another one. I tried to make the second one similar to the first one being that it was going into the same room. These are web optimized images, so the colors are a little dull. In any case, it's a great idea for a gift and I though I'd share it with you. Click on the photo to get a larger image.

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Fred Bell Paintings said...

You have a really cool website, a lot of new information and helpful. What don't you do?!

Lara Berch Tutorials said...

Thank you :-)
I do a little of everything. I can't keep my mind on one thing and I don't like doing the same tasks so I do do whatever comes to mind :)

savvycityfarmer said...

I am assuming you got my email about linking together!!
I see that you found stuffintheburbs!!!

nice to meet you